Equinox Remote Key Injection

Equinox was a pioneer in using remote technology as part of a total solution offering. Equinox Remote Key Injection (RKI) was the first remote key system for POS terminals and has been used by Equinox customers for over ten years, performing millions of key injections without having to remove the terminals from the lane or connect them to a separate device.

Equinox RKI enables safe, secure key injection to Equinox terminals anytime, anywhere the terminal is located. As long as the terminal is connected and able to communicate with the Equinox Remote Key Injection server, a simple command will initiate a secure key injection session.

Equinox RKI provides customers the added convenience of being able to inject multiple keys in a single session and increased flexibility when rotating or adding processor and encryption keys.

Equinox RKI is compliant with the following security standards:

  • PCI PIN Security Requirements Version 3.0, Normative Annex A
  • PCI P2PE v3.0 Domain 5

PROOF POINT: One Equinox customer switched processors and used Equinox RKI to inject keys into 78,000 terminals over a weekend without terminal replacement, onsite interaction, or disruption to regular business.

1. The Equinox RKI Portal allows customers to load one or more serial numbers to the RKI Secure Server manually or a batch of serial numbers via a .csv file upload.
2. The Equinox payment terminal initiates the remote key injection function.
3. Once initiated, the terminal connects to the RKI Secure Server and requests a key download.
4. Key(s) are downloaded to the terminal from the RKI Secure Server.
5. Once complete, the terminal is now ready for transaction processing.