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August 1, 2017

Are you tired of the painstaking process of integrating retail payment terminals via hundreds of instructions required to interface with device components such as the display, card reader and PIN pad? Traditional vendors’ application programming interfaces (APIs) use these “low level” integration methods and the result is long development and testing times for every single transaction type. Do the math: retail applications utilize about 30 common transactions, so that translates to 1,200 “L3” test cases that need to be passed before a payment solution is certified for production.

Our focus at Equinox is to bring transformative changes the way our partners create EMV-certified solutions. Our Luxe SDK powers both the Luxe 8000i integrated terminal and the Luxe 6000m modular device. It borrows a page from more nimble software industries (think e-comm and mobile) and contains a set of high-level automation tools that perform hundreds of tasks with just a handful of instructions. The result is a huge time-to-market advantage for developers.

Consider the following when comparing development environments:

  • Focus: Our SDK automation payment engine allows you to focus on customer-facing revenue-driven development rather than the miniscule details of payments.
  • Time: We don’t have to tell you how easy it is to work with Web pages versus traditional payment terminals. Our SDK allows you to use a QT browser on the device to display local or remote content.
  • Security: How do we do it? The Luxe runs two Operating Systems; Linux and a Secure OS called MQX. The Linux side is open and the MQX side is hardened and secured for payments allowing you to transform ideas to proof of concept in days.
  • Modern: Is it tough to keep up with all the latest form of payments like AliPay, Android Pay, ApplePay, ChasePay, Interac, Union Pay, and JCB J/Speedy? Relax, we do all the heavy lifting so you can quickly and easily take advantage of these advances in payments.

  • Ownership: Are other vendors’ integrated payment software cutting into your software revenue? Luxe allows you to securely run your transactions in the device, and eliminates any middleware. This protects your software streams.


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