Equinox Introduces the Luxe 8000i Retail Payment Solution

Elegant design and smart engineering combine to create the ideal customer engagement platform

NEW YORK CITY, January 17, 2016 – Equinox, a leading provider of payment terminals, applications and support services, and a part of NBS Payment Solutions, debuted the Luxe 8000i integrated retail payment solution at the National Retail Federation Big Show being held this week in New York City. The innovative solution combines sleek, elegant design features with a smart and secure architecture that elevates the customer experience by turning the point of sale into an engaging point of interaction that can support payments, advertising and promotions, coupons, surveys, self-service applications, and more.

The Luxe 8000i has been ergonomically designed from the inside-out for retail, hospitality and financial services environments. Features including a sleek high-gloss finish and a large crystal-clear display create a “Wow!” factor, engage customers and enhance the check-out experience. Its compact size, horizontal layout, and top face-mounted card readers optimize overall footprint, eliminating the clutter associated with clunky mounting stands.

“The Luxe 8000i is a smart, beautiful and durable solution that looks spectacular on any counter, from supermarkets and big-box formats, to drug stores, department stores, boutiques and hotels,” said Drazen Ivanovic, president and chief executive officer, NBS Payment Solutions. “The smart and robust architecture puts retailers and software developers in charge by eliminating the reliance on proprietary middleware and gateways, and ensuring a secure environment that helps reduce the burdens associated with PCI compliance. It’s time for businesses to take control of the checkout experience and get their counter back.”

The Luxe 8000i features a highly-secure standards-based operating system and flexible connectivity options that simplify application development and integration while ensuring that cardholder data remains secure. POS and payment applications can be quickly and easily implemented — in integrated, semi-integrated or hybrid configurations — without the need for third-party software layers and services. The Luxe 8000i uniquely supports multiple encryption keys for flexible and secure product-level routing to a choice of payment gateways and processors.

The Luxe 8000i supports magnetic-stripe, EMV and NFC contactless payment types. It features a high-definition touch display in a choice of five-inch or seven-inch screen size that can simultaneously support both pen and finger-based signature capture. The secure keypad was designed using in-mold decoration technology and long-lasting hard-plastic tactile keys that improve usability and reduce keying errors. The Luxe 8000i meets the most stringent PCI 4.1 compliance security standards and supports a variety of point-to-point encryption methods. A slender, smart and secure mono-cable and hub system provides power and accommodates a variety of connectivity options.

About Equinox Payments
Equinox Payments, founded in 2014, is looking beyond product features to rethink and reimagine the customer payment experience. For more information about Equinox, visit equinoxpayments.com.

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