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Extraordinary Design. Exceptional Engineering.

Extraordinary Design. Exceptional Engineering.

The X Factor

The Luxe 8700x features eXtraordinary design and eXceptional engineering. A familiar, easy-to-use interface speeds checkout and durable features reduce downtime and protect your investment. Plus, it’s backed by eXperienced people dedicated to your success.

Extraordinary Design

  • Bright hi-def touch display
  • Easy-to-locate card readers
  • Back-lit tactile keypad
  • Intuitive contactless reader

Exceptional Engineering

  • Chemically strengthened glass display
  • Illuminated, angled keypad and chip card slot
  • Durable, in-mold decorated keytops
  • Beautiful, ultra-strong Aramid fiber faceplate

Tap & Pay with Ease

Consumers prefer the speed and convenience of contactless payments. The Luxe 8700x supports the quick wave of a card, phone, or wearable in the center of the display. It simply makes sense.

Engage Customers.
Keep Lines Moving.

The Luxe 8700x was built to elevate the customer experience in the most demanding retail environments.

Crystal-clear display welcomes customers with your brand message.

  • Large split screen lets customers see running totals and payment prompts even in harsh lighting conditions.
  • Finger-based signature capture means no more twisted, tangled stylus cables.
  • Smart footprint optimizes check-out space and looks great on a stand or the counter.

Familiar card reader placement and keypad interface reduce customer confusion.

  • Bright, back-lit tactile keypad and large function keys reduce keying errors.
  • Angled keypad and illuminated chip card slot are easy to find.
  • Intuitive, under-the-display contactless reader reduces the frustration of multiple taps.

Take the Hits. Keep on Running.

The Luxe 8700x is extremely durable and will withstand the test of time.

Every feature is meticulously engineered to optimize payment acceptance.

  • Rugged Aramid fiber faceplate is built to take the hard knocks at the checkout.
  • Chemically strengthened glass lens protects the display from scratches and dents.
  • Durable in-mold decorated plastic keytops can’t be snapped off, and legends won’t fade over time.

Lock-tight security that doesn’t impede optimal experiences.

  • PCI PTS 6.x certification and PCI P2PE v3.1 Domains 1 & 5 validation combine to protect card data and simplify PCI compliance.
  • Securely manages multiple encryption keys for smart transaction routing.
  • In-lane remote key injection reduces checkout lane downtime.

Smart Architecture

The Luxe operating system (OS) is standardized across all Luxe products, and is engineered for maximum security, ease of use and seamless integration. It enables payment applications, third-party software, and POS systems to work flawlessly together.
  • Linux | HTML5 | Java Script
  • Accessible application development
  • Proprietary OS for secure PIN pad

One Cable. Multiple Connections.

A single, flexible and durable cable provides both power and communications to LUXE 8700x. A multi-port smart hub at the base of the cable provides a variety of secure connectivity options.
USB | Ethernet | Serial & PUSB
  • Rapid Deployment – Install and reconfigure with minimal downtime and re-cabling.
  • Clean & Uncluttered – Reduce cabling and space requirements to simplify the point of payment.

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