Stop juggling multiple solutions for every vertical market and acceptance method! The robust Voyager application runs on all Luxe devices and supports features for any business environment.

Voyager can be leveraged across devices, markets and use cases, simplifying integration, certification, configuration, training and support.

Our simple SDK allows you to interface with any POS solution in no time. And since Luxe devices share the same L2 Kernels, only one L3 certification is required.

All-in-One Payment Application
  • Stand-alone & Semi-integrated Configurations
  • EMV Contact, Contactless & Quick Chip Processing
  • Multi-merchant (up to 20)
  • Tip-at-Sale & Tip Adjust
  • Multiple Point-to-Point Encryption Schemes
  • Remote Key Injection
  • Automatic Application Updates
Merchants can adjust parameters and settings based on the needs of their business.
  • Multi-merchant support for up to 20 separate IDs
  • Up to 99 unique clerk IDs
  • Optional tip prompting at time of service or via tip adjust
  • Signature capture
  • Email receipt option
  • Custom branding on screen and receipts
  • Tip prompting at time of sale or via tip adjust
  • EMV Quick Chip processing
  • Table ID assignment/prompting
  • PIN prompt bypass
  • Up to 99 unique server IDs
  • Custom branding on screen and receipts
  • Check-in/check-out
  • Advance reservation deposits
  • No show fees
  • Incremental room charges
  • Reservation updates
  • Quick-stay transactions
  • Group/event folio management
  • Tip support for restaurants and spa services
  • Custom branding on screen and receipts