Equinox Payments Introduces the Luxe 6000m Modular Payment Solution

Unique design allows businesses to choose only the features they need

PHOENIX and TORONTO–(BUSINESS WIRE), January 16, 2017 – Equinox Payments (“Equinox”), today revealed its new Luxe 6000m modular payment solution. The sleek, innovative solution was built with a unique manufacturing design that combines a smartphone-sized base device with a choice of attachable power and printer modules.

The combination of connectivity, power and printer options results in an array of fixed and mobile use cases—PIN pad, stand-alone terminal, integrated POS, wireless solution—suited for every acceptance environment including fixed checkout, mobile POS, pay-at-the-table, line busting, and field-level payments.
“The Luxe 6000m extends a consistent customer experience wherever payment happens: at the checkout, in the aisle, tableside, or on the road,” said Rob Hayhow, vice president, Equinox. “Payment and value-added applications are leveraged across the entire Luxe product family, reducing the complexities associated with certifying and supporting multiple purpose-built devices.”
The base unit in the Luxe 6000m supports an array of communication options: multi-port cable, Bluetooth® Low Energy, WLAN, 4G LTE, and combinations of each. Power is provided via a choice of attachable wired or battery-charged modules that features an optional integrated receipt printer. The device supports magnetic-stripe, EMV and NFC contactless technology and has plenty of memory to run payment and value-add applications. The system architecture is standardized across the Luxe product family, enabling seamless integration of payment applications, third-party software, and POS systems. The Luxe 6000m meets the most stringent PCI PTS 5.0 compliance security standards.
Learn more at www.luxe6000m.com

About Equinox Payments
Equinox Payments, founded in 2014, is looking beyond product features to rethink and reimagine the customer payment experience. For more information about Equinox, visit equinoxpayments.com.

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