PioneerRx and Equinox Offer Pharmacists a Sleek and Engaging Payment Solution

SHREVEPORT, LA & PHOENIX, AZ – October 28, 2019 – PioneerRx, the top pharmacy software chosen by independent pharmacists, has announced a product integration with Equinox Payments (“Equinox”), a leading provider of payment terminals, software and services. Equinox’s Luxe 8500i payment pads have now successfully been implemented as an innovative addition to the PioneerRx pharmacy system, providing pharmacists with a more refined point-of-sale process. Its compact, ergonomic design features a durable glass display, finger-based signature capture, and top-mounted card readers for a pain-free customer payment experience.

PioneerRx users who have already installed the Luxe 8500i device are receiving positive feedback from their patients and seeing the benefits firsthand. Raaed Hasan, Pharmacist-In-Charge at Highland Clinic Pharmacy, comments on his experience: “I am very satisfied with the new Luxe pad. It’s sleek, stylish, and convenient. Customers love its bright colors and the way it is angled toward them, allowing for a smooth transaction process.”

Pharmacies can take full advantage of the 5-inch touch screen by displaying customized patient messages, all updated through the device’s flexible operating system. Senior software developer Chris Benard weighs in on the benefits of having this universal platform: “The Equinox Luxe devices all share a common programming interface, in which the pad itself is a web browser,” he explains. “And because the pads run Linux, development and testing is made easier.”

With the upgraded Luxe pads, pharmacists can provide a user-friendly sales experience for all ages and even offer contactless mobile pay. The pad is protected by advanced security including PCI 5.x and Point-to-Point Encryption to guard businesses against data breaches and reduce the costs and hassle of annual PCI compliance validation. Every aspect of the product is designed to simplify use, optimize engagement, and reduce clutter and maintenance.

Rob Hayhow, vice president of Equinox applauds the work of PioneerRx in bringing this solution to market. “This integration effort clearly demonstrates how the design elements of the Luxe 8500i elevate the customer experience while its robust security technology extends peace of mind to independent pharmacists.”

Through this integration, PioneerRx and Equinox aim to equip independent pharmacies with the technology necessary to maintain a competitive advantage and have impactful interactions with their patients. The Luxe pad is currently available to PioneerRx users. For more information, visit Equinox’s Pharmacy Solutions page.

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