TruRating Gives Equinox Payments a Big Thumbs Up

Luxe terminal line is the perfect platform for a new and exciting way to gather instant customer feedback wherever a payment takes place

PHOENIX, January 17, 2017 – Equinox Payments (“Equinox”), a leading provider of payment terminals, applications and support services, and TruRating, a revolutionary consumer ratings platform, announced a strategic relationship that enables TruRating’s point-of-sale customer feedback solution to seamlessly run across the Luxe family of innovative payment solutions from Equinox.

TruRating takes the pulse of consumer sentiment via the payment device, asking each customer to anonymously rate an aspect of their experience on the keypad, just before they pay. The ability to capture real-time feedback during the check-out process results in significantly higher response rates and allows businesses to confidently leverage the data to turn insights into actionable programs that improve the customer experience.
“The TruRating application is supported on the Luxe 8000i integrated terminal and our new Luxe 6000m modular payment solution,” said Rob Hayhow, vice president, Equinox Payments. “This allows businesses to obtain immediate ratings wherever an interaction takes place: at the checkout, in the aisles, tableside or in the field. And, unlike other terminal-based commerce platforms, our implementation does not require expensive or proprietary applications to activate the value-add solutions.”
Georgina Nelson, CEO and Founder of TruRating, commented, “The beautiful Luxe terminals create an extremely engaging customer experience that allows consumers to answer a simple question while interacting with the device during the payment process. With an 88% response rate, retailers are now armed with valuable feedback to help them confidently implement changes vital to their business, based on validated, real-time ratings from their customers.”
The Luxe terminal family combines sleek, elegant design features with a secure standards-based operating system that easily supports payments and customer-engaging applications.

About Equinox Payments
Equinox Payments, founded in 2014, is looking beyond product features to rethink and reimagine the customer payment experience. For more information about Equinox, visit
About TruRating

TruRating is on a mission to bring the truth back to customer ratings. How? By taking the pulse of consumer sentiment via the payment terminal – asking each customer to anonymously rate an aspect of their experience on the keypad from 0-9. Using hardware that’s already sitting in shops and restaurants around the globe, TruRating is making it easier than ever for every consumer to have a say. As a result, on average 88% of us are rating when asked a question. For the first time, businesses are benefiting from mass, validated, representative feedback, daily.

TruRating is a global, rapidly scaling tech startup with multi-award winning, game-changing, patented applied for technology. They are already collecting millions of ratings across Australia and the UK, and recently launched in US and Canada. In time, these validated ratings will be available online, so that consumers can directly and reliably compare brands against one another to make decisions on where to eat and shop.