Equinox Enhances Voyager Payment App and HUB Estate Management System

Modern user interface improves the customer experience and speeds time to market

PHOENIX, AZ — November 29, 2022 — Equinox Payments announces major improvements to its Voyager payment application and HUB Estate Management System that drastically streamline operational processes and improve the customer experience. Luxe terminals and software parameters can be configured and activated three times faster than previously, allowing businesses to go from zero to processing in less time.

Enhancements to HUB
HUB now features processor-specific configuration tables that mimic the order and language of parameter settings as presented on each certified host’s VAR tear sheets, which are used for merchant onboarding and terminal setup. Purpose-built setup screens eliminate the frustrating process of trying to locate and interpret field definitions that vary across processors. This saves significant time and reduces errors.

The HUB user interface now groups screens and settings logically, significantly reducing the number of viewable parameters. The experience of navigating a Voyager configuration setup is reduced from twelve clicks across five windows to two clicks in just one window. Additionally, universal prompting rules now apply to payment types (debit, credit, EBT, gift card, etc.) regardless of card brand/provider, eliminating the need to re-key information for each brand separately.

HUB also features a convenient mobile configuration app called SeTAP that allows deployment operators and field technicians to set up Luxe devices securely with a simple tap of a mobile phone to a Luxe payment terminal. Users can quickly activate features such as WLAN connectivity and define power management settings based on the sub-organizations, departments, and devices defined in HUB.

Enhancements to Voyager
The robust Voyager application runs on all Luxe devices and supports features for any business environment. Voyager can be leveraged across devices, markets and use cases, simplifying integration, certification, configuration, training and support. The application scales to meet the needs of everyone from a small business owner to a multinational enterprise or franchise organization.

The Voyager payment application has been enhanced to take advantage of HUB’s new interface. Users can easily personalize application settings to match merchant needs and present a better brand experience to customers. These include:

  • Advertising and promotional screen savers are uploaded via a simple drag-and-drop process, which allows for customized marketing based on location and other factors.
  • Language for receipt footers, tip suggestions and cash back amounts is easily entered using online fields in HUB.
  • The color of screen banners and button colors seen during terminal prompts can be customized by quickly clicking on a choice of colors or by entering specific color parameters to match brand guidelines.

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