Partner Engagement Portal

The following form is to be used by JPMorgan to forward customer leads to the Equinox Sales Team. Please complete the fields below.


Enter JPMorgan Partner Representative Information

The form is limited to JPMorgan. Please provide your contact information details and your role.

Client Details

Enter Client Details

Provide the details about the customer that will be using the POS solution with the Luxe terminal. The client will be contacted directly by Equinox.

PI Details

Enter Payment Integrator Details

The Payment Integrator is the POS provider that will interface with the Luxe terminal. The integrator (if new) will be contacted by Equinox so that they can be provided the necessary API documentation to process a payment transaction.

Opportunity Details

Please provide details about this opportunity:

If the Payment Integrator is new, provide details about the number of stores and the number of Luxe terminals to be deployed for all stores. Include specific requirements that have been requested by the Client.
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Opportunity Management

Please provide information on how to manage this opportunity and the Payment Integrator:

Specify Managed if the account relationship is controlled by JPMorgan.
Indicate if the client has requested a formal proposal document to be created by Equinox.
Provide any specific instructions on how to proceed with the client or with the Payment Integrator. Include any additional details about the RFP and share client constraints.
Attach materials related to this opportunity and/or the Payment Integrator. Attach Word, Acrobat, PowerPoint, or Excel files.
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